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Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair

In Laparoscopic hernia repair we reduce the hernia into the abdominal cavity and close the defect with a mesh which gives strength to the weakened abdominal muscles.

Causes of ventral hernia:

  1. Spontaneous due to weakness of abdominal wall

  2. Congenital defects in abdominal wall

  3. After surgery due to improper healing or closure of fascia (Incisional hernias)

  4. Smoking caused weakness of abdominal muscles

  5. Weakened abdominal muscles after pregnancy


More cosmetic

Lesser pain

Lesser wound complications

Simultaneous defects can be seen and repaired at the same time


1. Presence of pain

2. Irreducible hernia may get obstructed

Types of mesh used:

Usually composite meshes containing ePTFE, Polypropylene or polyester are used . The ePTFE usually is used on the peritoneal surface to prevent bowel adhesions to the mesh.


Persistence of swelling as the hernial sac is not dissected

Seroma formation

Bowel injury


Mesh infection: May be treated conservatively but may need mesh removal.

Bowel fistulation from adhesions with mesh

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