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Gall stones

The gall bladder is a small bag like organ located under the liver. Its function is to store bile and release it to the intestine after meals for fat digestion. Sometimes, the bile in the gall bladder starts precipitating as small crystals and stones known as Gall stones.

Signs and symptoms:

In a large no of patients, these stones are silent. Sometime patients get right sided abdominal pain with vomiting, fever, jaundice etc.

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Calculous cholecystitis: Infection and swelling of gall bladder due to stones

Obstructive Jaundice: If the stones get stuck in the bile duct, the bile gets obstructed and gives jaundice

Pancreatitis:The stones can irritate the pancreas and causes panreatitis

Gall bladder cancer: Long term stones can give rise to cancer of the gall bladder


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is used to treat gall stones. Its a simple surgery done with small cuts to remove the gall bladder with the stones.

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