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Diagnostic Laparoscopy


  1. Acute abdominal pain: If the diagnosis remains uncertain after radiological investigations and laboratory tests, Diagnostic laparoscopy(DL) is preferred. DL helps in visualising the entire abdominal cavity, take samples of peritoneal fluid, peritoneum or omentum. Curative surgery can be done at the same setting like appendectomy, ovarian cystectomy etc.

  2. Trauma: Preferred in a hemodynamically unstable patient to look for organ injuries , diaphragmatic injuries and treat the same.

  3. Intensive care unit patients: Can be done bedside in patients with unexplained sepsis, abdominal distension, abdominal pain in whom intraabdominal pathology is suspected like acalculous cholecystitis, gangrenous bowel etc.

  4. Intra-abdominal cancers: It helps assess the tumour size and extent to plan further treatment. This also avoids long incisions and the accompanying morbidity in patients with inoperable cancers. Also biopsy can be taken for starting chemotherapy.

  5. Chronic pain: to look for Tuberculosis, endometriosis

  6. Infertility


1.Faster diagnosis

2. Low morbidity

3. Shortened hospital stay

4. Lesser pain

5. Avoidance of negative laparotomy



1.Obvious indication for laparotomy

2. Multiple previous surgeries resulting in adhesions

3. Severe abdominal distension

4. Coagulopathy

5. patient unable to bear pneumoperitoneum

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